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Lisa Kerle has always called the 63rd District home.  Growing up the daughter of a coal miner in Madison Township, Armstrong County, Lisa was exposed to a strong work ethic early on.  Her parents, Jim and Sandy Anthony, also raised her to help those in need – always and in all ways.  Lisa graduated from Redbank Valley High School in 1988. In 1996, Lisa met Tom Kerle and the two married and settled in Knox.  Their daughter, Jennifer, was born in 1999 and son, Tanner, in 2001.

In 2008, Tom unexpectedly passed.  In this time of tragedy, Lisa decided she would make the best out of her circumstances.  She returned to Clarion University, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in business management and human resources in 2011.  Throughout her life, Lisa has held several jobs at local businesses, but one has been especially important to her: being a mom. She spent time away from the workforce to raise her kids as a single parent.  Most recently, Lisa worked in Representative Donna Oberlander’s district office as a constituent outreach specialist, where she was able to get a first-hand look at the issues affecting the 63rd District.

Lisa has been very involved in her community.  She co-founded Charitable Deeds and Services in 2002 alongside her father-in-law John Kerle.   Lisa currently sits on New Bethlehem Borough Council, where she has served as President since 2020.  She is involved with numerous organizations, serving the Clarion County Agency on Aging, Southern Clarion County Regional Police Department, and Clarion Rotary. She also serves on the board of the Robert Anthony Eriksson Foundation, an organization dedicated to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Lisa’s decision to run for State Representative is rooted in a singular, overarching goal: improving the quality of life for the residents of Rural PA. For Lisa, this encompasses the importance of family-sustaining jobs, safe communities, both physical and mental health, and strong public schools. Understanding the challenges faced by the region, Lisa aims to be a strong advocate for her constituents in Harrisburg.

Her track record as council president speaks to her ability to craft innovative solutions for critical issues. Lisa successfully secured funding for local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with a balanced budget and played a pivotal role in establishing the Southern Clarion County Regional Police Department. This initiative not only alleviated burdens on local municipalities but also ensured residents were protected by a full-time department.

Personally invested in the district, Lisa’s children own and operate their own small businesses within the community. As a mother of young entrepreneurs, she is committed to fostering an environment where businesses can thrive. Lisa plans to eliminate government hurdles and cultivate reciprocal relationships to boost economic growth in the 63rd District. Mental health is a cause close to her heart, advocating for quicker access to high-quality care, recognizing the critical importance of timely assistance.

Lisa’s deep passion for positive change aligns with her understanding of the challenges faced by her neighbors. She sees the role of State Representative as a unique opportunity to be a voice for those who may not have the chance to speak up themselves. Lisa’s commitment to collaborative, bipartisan efforts underscores her belief in prioritizing the needs of constituents over political divisions. Eager to contribute to the betterment of the district, she looks forward to serving all constituents and hearing their unique stories as she embarks on this journey.



“As someone who was born and raised in the district, I have the pulse of the constituents and know that they need a strong voice in Harrisburg,” Kerle stated.

Lisa will support efforts and vote to reduce frivolous spending to keep more money in taxpayers’ pockets.

Lisa understands the need for the 2nd Amendment and will uphold our constitutional rights.

Furthermore, Lisa believes everyone has the right and freedom to protect themselves as well as their property within the law, and she will fight for those protections. Lisa supports and has a concealed carry permit.

Lisa grew up in a family that has enjoyed hunting over the years. Lisa’s son also enjoys hunting and this has allowed them to enjoy the shooting range together as a family.

Lisa wants small business owners to have more opportunities and less government-imposed red tape. She has experience at the state level in cutting through bureaucracy to achieve results.

Lisa wholeheartedly supports economic development and tourism in the district. From the north to the south, Lisa believes we have a great region to provide wonderful opportunities for recreation, festivals and bustling Main Streets. 

As borough council president, Lisa was able to help fund EMS services through a balanced budget.

Lisa championed the development of the Southern Clarion County Regional Police Department. 

Lisa looks forward to working with constituents personally and serving their unique needs.

Serving on the AAA (Area Agency on Aging), Lisa saw firsthand the need for funding services for the elderly. Lisa will fight for the appropriate funding to serve the district’s aging population and across rural PA. 



Discover what community leaders and influencers are saying about Lisa Kerle, a dynamic candidate for State Representative, through these powerful endorsements that attest to her integrity, dedication, and ability to bring positive change.

“I am so happy and proud that Lisa is seeking the 63rd District state representative seat! Lisa is not only and special friend to me, but she is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Lisa cares about doing everything the right way and Representative Lisa Kerle would definitely do her job the right way!” – Tim LaVan

“I’ve known Lisa for nearly two decades. Nobody would work harder or care more about their district than Lisa would. As a state representative in South Carolina for a decade now, I can say those are two of the highest compliments an elected official can receive. I obviously cannot vote in Pennsylvania, but if I could, I would for Lisa.” – Representative Neal Collins, SC

If you are wondering who is running for state representative in the 63rd district…. We’ll let me tell you about Lisa Kerle! I met Lisa at the Mat Factory Wrestling club at a Jiu jitsu class…. yes…. She’s that cool! Lisa was such a quick learner and hard worker while training. On top of that she was an even better training partner. Lisa’s work ethic is unmatched. On top of being an incredible athlete…. She the most generous and giving individual I have ever met. She has consistently donated to youth and adult sports programs in the AK Valley. She has sponsored wrestling programs, baseball teams, promoted and donated to the rise of local girls wrestling teams, and more. To top that all off…. She graciously donates educational items and school supplies to a local school district (where I teach at). Lisa is a commendable human being! I can’t think of a better, more upstanding choice for state representative!” – Lindsey Zarichnak, High School Teacher

“Lisa Kerle is well versed in the issues and challenges faced by the residents and families of the 63rd District. In her years as a legislative aide, Lisa demonstrated her natural ability to be an engaged listener who thrives on solving problems and advocating for the area’s best interests. She truly cares about the issues rural residents face every day. Whether she is serving in elected office, volunteering for one of the many local organizations to which she belongs, helping a constituent with a complicated issue or being a supportive mom, Lisa is a go-getter who gets the job done well. During my 20-plus years in the state House, I’ve witnessed firsthand the characteristics of a strong, effective leader for rural Pennsylvania. Lisa has all of those traits and more. A true advocate for rural Pennsylvania and its people, Lisa is the perfect choice to next represent the 63rd District.” – Jennifer Algoe Keaton, Private Citizen

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Lisa Kerle in multiple capacities and numerous organizations for nearly a decade. Lisa has a reputation for being an empathetic and charismatic community leader with a servant’s heart who inspires and encourages others to be their best. One specific example was when Lisa co-chaired the planning, coordination and successful execution of our nationally-recognized 3-day community festival with a team of 40+ volunteers and thousands of patrons. From her exceptional management & organizational skills, to her natural ability to multi-task and work well under pressure; Lisa is the type of highly-motivated business professional you want on your team. Lisa Kerle has my highest recommendation.” – Rev. Dr. Gordon V. Barrows, Mayor of New Bethlehem

“As a seasoned and respected leader, Lisa’s vision for progress, coupled with her strong ethical foundation, positions her as the clear choice for State Representative, dedicated to advocating for the needs of our constituents.” – Bob Cornman, Cornman Towing & Recovery

“Lisa’s unwavering dedication and proven track record make her the ideal candidate for State Representative, a trusted leader committed to serving our community with integrity and passion.” – Timothy Yeany, Mayor of Rimersburg

“Lisa’s leadership style, marked by transparency, inclusivity, and a genuine commitment to public service, makes her the trusted candidate we need to represent us effectively as State Representative.” – Joe Cornman, JC Auto Recovery & Transport



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